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Maria Plewka

We continue to do business with Dental Health Services because its Membership and Sales departments provide truly excellent customer service. What’s more, their yearly rates are competitive, and we have experienced only the lowest, most reasonable rate increases since 2004. Our employees never complain about the service they receive from their dental providers, indicating to me that they are happy with the dental care they receive. In fact, since 2004, I have seen an increase in participation (particularly in the PPO Dental Plan). I attribute this to all of the aforementioned: competitive rates, extraordinary service, and excellent care!

Arc Imperial Valley

On behalf of the Arc Imperial Valley. I am pleased to promote Dental Health Services for their outstanding service and immediate response to all requests and concerns.

Sally Wollenzier

Our experience with Dental Health Services has been amazing. All the staff is so friendly and helpful.

Colleen Alonzo

AFGE Local 1482 has been associated with Dental Health Services for over 25 years. Their product is competitively priced, their coverage is excellent and their rate structure transparent and easy to understand. Our local's ability to offer their plan to our membership has increased our membership and our member's have beautiful smiles.

Terri Thomas

Our company has used Dental Health Services prepaid plans for over 6 years. We began our relationship with them in 2006. One of the absolute best qualities about DHS is their customer service commitment level As we know we are not, they make us feel as if we are their only client and provide us with excellent service. It doesn’t matter if it’s adding/dropping coverage, faxing enrollment forms or questions about the billing statement Email or over the phone, they are always friendly, professional, and provide a quick response We compare plans annually and an added bonus is that their rates are affordable on both the HMO add PPO plans thereby making them once again, our choice.

Steve Lebherz

Three years ago, we transferred our California statewide managed care program to Dental Health Services. From the beginning, the attention they give to our customers has always been "Over and Above" what is needed. They resolve most every issue (eligibility, provider, etc.) in real time and always err on the side of our customer. Somehow it seems, they are "smiling through the phone". They continue to search for qualified dentist to enhance their provider network. We look forward to working with them for years to come. Best in dental health,

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