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Dental Health Services can help you increase your patient base while reducing your marketing and administrative overhead costs. We work with a network of independent dentists who share our commitment to quality, preventative care, and patient satisfaction.

What are prepaid dental plans?

Dental Health Services' prepaid plans are based on the capitation model. Under the capitation model, network dentists receive monthly payments based on the number of patients they see with a Dental Health Services plan. In exchange for the regular payment, network dentists agree to provide certain services at reduced costs for patients.

What are the advantages of prepaid plans for your practice?

• Additional and predictable monthly income
• Stable and valuable patient base
• Efficient utilization of available chair time
• Reduced advertising and marketing costs
• Rewards for preventative care and wellness
• Knowledgeable and supportive assistance for you and your staff
• New patient referrals from satisfied plan members

If you would like to join our network, complete our online Contract Request form.
If you would like more information, give us a call at 800-223-4347 (CA) and 800-400-0347 (WA).

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"Dental Health Services is one of my favorites, they are always there when I have a question, and their response is very fast and efficient!"
- Jessica Banuelos - Ambaum Family Dental

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