Welcome Monarch Members!

Dental Health Services offers comprehensive dental coverage at an affordable price. This is the place to learn all about your voluntary dental plan. Scroll down and select a category to learn more.

Enjoy savings of up to 100 percent on more than 200 general dental procedures. Your voluntary dental plan by Dental Health Services has no deductible, no waiting period, no maximum, and no preexisting condition exclusions.


What does your personal dental plan feature

  • No Annual Maximum
  • Free Cleanings, Exams and X-Rays
  • Free Fillings
  • Low copayments for other procedures
  • No Deductibles or Waiting Periods

How does the plan work?

Your Dental Health Services plan delivers dental care through a network of privately owned, neighborhood dental offices. Select a conveniently located participating dentist who will assess your oral health and outline your treatment plan. You pay only your monthly premium, plus the copayment for each service rendered, as listed in your Schedule of Covered Services and Copayments.

What is a copayment?

A copayment is the fee listed in your Schedule of Covered Services and Copayments that you pay directly to your participating dentist at the time of service. The copayment varies depending upon which procedure is performed.

How do I receive dental care?

Simply telephone your selected dental office to verify the hours it is open. Tell the office you are a member of Dental Health Services’ plan and ask for a convenient appointment time. Your dental office receives a membership eligibility list each month, so it isn't necessary to have your membership card to make an appointment or receive care!

When does my coverage become effective?

If your complete enrollment form and payment are received by the 10th of the current month, you will be eligible on the 1st of next month. If received after the 10th, you will be eligible on the 1st of the month after next.

How much does it cost?

Monthly Annually
Subscriber $8.50 $102.00
Subscriber and 1 dependent $16.20 $194.40
Subscriber and 2+ dependents $24.20 $290.40

How much do I save?

With Plan 222v you'll enjoy considerable savings over what you'd pay without coverage.
The chart below details the savings associated with some of the plan's more than 200 covered procedures.


ADA CodeProcedureRegular Fee*Your CopaymentYour Savings
D0150 Comprehensive oral examination $125 $0 $125
D0210 Full mouth x-rays - including bitewings $176 $0 $176
D1110 Teeth cleaning - with topical fluoride $120 $5 $115
D1351 Sealant - per tooth
$79 $5 $74
D2150 Amalgam restoration - two surfaces $255 $23 $232
D2331 Anterior composite restoration - two surfaces $275 $25 $250
D2750 ** Crown - porcelain fused to high noble metal $1,375 $230 $1,145
D3330 Endodontic therapy, molar (excluding final restoration) $1,300 $300 $1,000
D4341 Periodontal scaling and root planing $300 $40 $260
Surgical removal of an erupted tooth

* Regular fees are based on the 90th percentile of the usual and customary fees for each service in the 92614 area, per the 2014 FAIR Data information.
** Additional charges of $125 for noble metal, $150 for high noble metal. Add $100 for porcelain on molars, $50 for porcelain butt margin, $200 for specialized crowns such as Lava, Captek, Empress, Procera, etc. Copayments only apply when implant is performed by a participating general dentist.