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Dental Health Services offers excellent dental plans at an affordable price.

Available for individuals and families in California, Washington and Oregon. Also available through Covered California in California and in Oregon.

The links below are for prospective members to learn about available plans and for current members to access information about the plans they are on.

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We offer high-value dental plans to suit your individual and group client needs.

No matter the scale or scope, your clients will have a great reason to smile.

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Offer your employees high quality, affordable dental benefits.

Our group dental plans are designed for the greatest value, with our Quality Assurance guarantee.

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Grow your dental practice with us by letting us promote your dental practice to our members.

We work with hundreds of offices like yours. Join our strong network of dentists today.

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Confused which portal is right for you?

Simply click on the Enter button for the most appropriate group. For example, if you are an individual with a Dental Health Services plan, enter the Member portal. If you are a Dentist, enter via the Dentist portal.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your dental plan and you have attempted to receive an answer or resolution from your Dental Health Services' Member Services Specialist, you are invited to click the link above and your issue will receive additional review.

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